Magheralin, UK

Magheralin, Northern Ireland, is classified as a village with a population under 2,500 (1,172 in 2004), has roots back to medieval times. The parish church in Magheralin, built in the medieval era, has some remains that are part of the old church in the village graveyard. Thanks to the Jet Stream, the climate is mild and lacks temperature extremes. It enjoys mild winters and warm summers with plenty of rainfall (approx 30-35″/yr) to keep the Emerald Isle true to its name.

Belfast, capital of Northern Ireland, is approximately 20 miles northeast of Magheralin, and has an urban population of 264,770, and over 600,000 in its entire metro area. Belfast has undergone considerable expansion and regeneration in recent years. Always a strong seaport and industrial center, it is home to the shipbuilders of the RMS Titanic. Although it suffered greatly in the political conflicts of the latter decades of the 20th century , today Belfast has sustained a standing of calm and is a center of art, education and the economic epicenter for Northern Ireland.