Llangefni, UK

Llangefni, Wales, population approximately 5,000, is located in the center of the isle of Anglesey, attached to mainland Wales by a bridge. The Isle of Anglesey is a land of cottages, churches, castles and coastline. Llangefni is surrounded by lush farmland and is the principal farming town of the island. It has also been host to a renowned national arts festival that focuses on music and poetry (The Urdd Eisteddfod), and is a wonderful location for cycling and, especially, birdwatching since it lies on the route of migrant birds following the western seaboard. Golf in the surrounding area or fishing at the nearby reservoir or along the coast are also popular pastimes.

Travel a short 15 miles northwest to Holyhead, seaport and largest city on the isle of Anglesey. From here you can take an affordable, modern “fast ferry” across the Irish Sea and arrive in Dublin in less than two hours. Enjoy a meal or cocktails as you travel a route that claims archaeological evidence that it has been sailed for over 4,000 years.

Llangefni winters average lows in the mid-30s F with very little snowfall, to an average of mid-60s F in the summer, with the occasional 90° temps occurring from time to time. Rain in the form of drizzle and light showers are very common throughout each month of the year.