ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY THROUGH GOOD STEWARDSHIP and compliance simply makes good business sense. Our Core Value of Quality emphasizes continuous improvement, best practices and investment in technology. Just as we strive to use every valuable component from milk, we are dedicated to making the best use of limited resources and minimizing the impact of our operations. This mindset of doing more with less is an inherent aspect of who we are.

Managing Environmental Impacts
Compliance, efficiency and conservation are the foundation of our approach to managing the environmental impacts of our operations. We aim to reduce the resource intensity and impacts of our operations while maintaining the highest standards of quality, food safety and environmental compliance.

We strive to recycle and reuse as much water as we can in our plants. We treat the water we use for discharge for beneficial uses. As a cheese producer, we reuse and recycle water as much as possible. For example, we have a unique source of water to supplement our water usage. The raw milk used to make our cheese and nutrition products is close to 90% water. Most of this water is recovered at the end of the cheesemaking and whey processing stages as condensate of whey or “COW” water. We then reuse this COW water to the fullest extent possible in production processes.

Environmental Goals
We set the following five-year goals to reduce the energy, GHG emissions and water intensity of our operations by 10% by 2018 using 2013 as our baseline year:

    • Reduce energy intensity by 10% (million British thermal units [MMBtu] per 1,000 pounds [lbs.] of milk processed
    • Reduce GHG emissions intensity by 10% (metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent [MTCO2e] per 1,000 lbs. of milk processed).
    • Reduce water intensity by 10% (gallons per 1,000 lbs. of milk processed).