LEPRINO FOODS COMPANY STRIVES TO BE A TRUSTED PROVIDER of high-quality cheese and nutrition products. We are committed to get things right and do right by our employees, our customers and consumers, local and global communities, and the environment. We embrace our role in the big picture – the challenges the world faces have broad implications across food and agricultural sectors. We formally launched our global responsibility program in 2012 and published our first report, Focus on Responsibility: 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report in 2014.In 2016, we published our second report, True to Our Core: 2015 Global Responsibility Report.

OUR CORE VALUE OF ETHICS IS AT THE HEART of how we do business. We strive to do the right thing all the time. We view global responsibility as a guide to our uncompromising ethical commitment to our stakeholders and the society at large. We are committed to the humane treatment and welfare of animals and we require our suppliers to follow the standards outlined in our Leprino Quality Animal Care (LQAC) policy.

OUR COMMITMENT TO GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY is structured in five broad categories which involve our key stakeholders and address the economic, environmental and social aspects of our operations. This approach included guidance from recognized sustainability and corporate responsibility frameworks, which incorporate scientific research, industry expertise and input from multiple stakeholders. Each category includes areas of focus to prioritize our efforts.